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Facebook Ads Mastery 2019 is a done-for-you system that allows anyone to start making money online easily and quickly without any hassle. We spent over 6 months to come up with the system, making it user-friendly, and suitable for both young and old. We will coach and train anyone with a desire to make money.   If we can pull you away from a boring 9-5 job, then we've succeeded.  Realistically, even newbies to Affiliate Marketing should be able to earn at least $200 A Day Profit after All Expenses, while spending only 2-3 hours a day on the computer. 

***  LAUNCH POPULARITY ***  Sales have been extremely lucrative since our big launch 1 month ago.  We partnered with ClickBank because we wanted the highest quality Affiliates, and ClickBank from my experience has the best super affiliates around.

3 Questions Will Determine If You Are a Good Fit
1) Are you looking for an Offer that is High Converting & Lucrative? 
 Then FB Ads Mastery 2019 is for you! Just Check Out Our Kick Ass Landing Page.
2) Are you sick of promoting offers with great marketing, but the product itself really sucks?
 Then FB Ads Mastery 2019 is for you! Expect very very low Refunds. We spent much more time developing a fantastic product that people will actually get value from. (that's a strange concept these days!)
3) Are you looking to replace your Full Time Job with a great new opportunity? 
 Then FB Ads Mastery 2019 is for you! We offer 60% Commissions on a high converting offer, with very low refunds. Any customer you bring in, you own them for life. This provides opportunity for more profit from 2 Up-sells, optional monthly membership, 1:1 Coaching & More...

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Top 3 Reasons To Promote Facebook Ads Mastery 2019 ?
1) This is a collaboration from highly skilled Internet Marketing Professionals, who spent the last 6 months optimizing the Sales Funnel, Landing Page, and Product Itself. What was achieved is an extremely high converting offer, with a high earnings per click (EPC). You can compare our landing page to top converting pages on ClickBank, or search for other Facebook Training Products and you'll see for yourself why our offer is blowing up!  
2) The Product Itself - We spent several months piecing together a top quality product that can really sell itself.   Most internet marketers today are too focused on the marketing, building funnels, chat bots etc. and actually lose focus on the fact that people want high quality products. That simple premise seems to have gotten lost in the past couple years. Facebook Ads Mastery 2019 is truly masterful, and on top of that we formatted the product into a Membership Site. The benefit of doing this is so that we can update the product on a regular basis, provide additional content aside from the 9 amazing bonuses, and we can schedule content to drip every day, so the customers will stay engaged, and this has proven to drastically reduce refund rates which are extremely low for our product.

3) Affiliate Tools - We will provide you with some high converting tools to promote our product and thus, make boat loads of cash. We will be adding more and more content as we find other assets and strategies that work. You won't have to re-invent the wheel but we do encourage you to be creative, think outside the box, and just find the right target audience and let our landing page do the rest.  

Whats in for you? 
  • Main Product - 60% Commission - On Every Sale Of $67 USD / Exit Popup Sale is $37 USD.  
  • Upsells - 60% Commission - After Main Product Purchase - 2 More Up-Sells Worth $14 USD. 
  • Lifetime Recurring - 60% Commission - On Monthly Recurring Membership - $29.99/Month or Promo $9.95/Month. Content will be visible to customers that they do not have access to, and when they click on it, they will be taken to the Membership sign up page. Many customers will sign up for a month to get access to the one particular training, but most often stay a member due to the amount of content being added each month. 
  • Average Affiliate Earnings / Spending Breakdown ($340 PROFIT A DAY FROM $100 AD SPEND)- The average affiliate spends around $100 A Day on Advertising.  Typically, $100 A Day will get around 300 Clicks. The 300 Clicks will convert about 60% on the Optin Page / Your Free Offer PDF EBook. So you will get around 180 Email Addresses in your Mailing List.  From the 180 who go directly to the sales landing page, will convert at a rate of say 4% (which is on the low end, we normally get up to 8%).  So at 4% you will immediately make  7 sales, which equates to $280.  For the next 7 days, you will have a scheduled email sequence going using your favorite Auto Responder.  From those 180 you should convert at least another 2% (You can offer additional things to convert more obviously).  So at 2% you will make another 4 sales from that 180 Emails in your list ($160).  So in total from your $100 spending you've made around $440 minus the $100 Ad Spend, so a profit of $340.  Of course we're assuming just the base product was purchased and not upsells, and also assuming a conservative conversion ratio.  So if you can use your creative genius to increase the conversion ratio even by 1 or 2 percent, you can definitely make a lot more money.  Also, as you scale up and spend more on advertising you will see bigger returns. What you want to do is do split testing for a few weeks, and once you narrow down exactly what's converting the most, then you can basically rinse and repeat and have an automated system going every day.  
  • FREE TRAINING - We are providing you with some of the best training and Affiliate Tools to get you going quickly. 

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We're going to be sending you truly powerful affiliate training materials that may not be included here. As new marketing secrets and strategies emerge, we test them like crazy and then send our affiliates step by step instructions. 

Essentially, if you don't succeed as an Affiliate for our products, then we also fail and none of us actually make any money. (Not Cool)
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Get A 70% Commission Boost
Are you a super affiliate. Let's get in touch and boost you from 60% to 70% now.
We can also help you with tracking pixels, targeting research, and landing page optimization. Please let us know how we can help.  To qualify, you must be getting 75 sales per month on average.  

Also, if you're just getting started, we're still ready to help you become a future affiliate rockstar.

Let us know if you need anything!  Contact myself, Your Affiliate Account Manager - Bobby Ryan @
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We have a private Facebook group where we're sharing insider tips and tricks for marketing relationship courses online. 

Launches Mid April - We Will Email Details
This is the first place we will share our research and secrets. It's also a good place for collaboration and network with industry experts.

Because it's private we will send you a secret link to join.  We want to make sure that only members are contributing as this avoids self promotion and spamming. 

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